Color is a fundamental element in the decoration of any compartment of the house and it is often associated with the type of personality of each person. The color really says a lot about us, and in the kitchens, from the sink to the mixer, the options are varied and end up influencing the color of the other elements that are part of the kitchen. The bench design should be combined consistently with the sink and preferably with your personality. 


Discover some colors features:

Traditionally associated with feelings of purity, calm and honesty. Those who prefer this color are usually lovers of order, tidiness and light. These people are confident in the world in general and in addition to being calm and reflective, are usually very positive. White kitchens tend to have a more minimalist and elegant decor. When you choose white as a decoration base, your kitchen, as well as your personality, will always seem organized and very sophisticated.

Associated with caution and self-preservation, this color is tied to rationalist personalities that think carefully before making a decision. Being the blending between black and white, it is ideal for those who see life through half terms. Those who choose gray usually like to lead a quiet and organized life without great deviations. In decoration, gray is very versatile and with the correct contrast can result in a stylish and dynamic kitchen.

It is the color of energy, and because it is the color of blood, is associated with vitality and audacity. It is a vibrant color that intensifies the activity of body and mind. Those who have red as their favorite color usually have a strong and confident personality. They are exuberant people and like to be the center of attention. If you like red and are reluctant to use it as a decoration base for your kitchen, know that you should combine it with a harmonizing tone (such as white or black) to avoid getting a too strong decoration.

Although it is commonly associated with dark and dark places, the black in the kitchens does not have this effect if it is used with elegance, style, and class. People who choose black as the base of their kitchens, cherish luxury and mystery. Your personality is very focused on the beauty of things. The black marble is the ideal choice for a modern kitchen design for those who want to present simple and sophisticated lines. Black should be used in large spaces, avoiding the notion of reducing the available perimeter.

Harmony and balance are sensations that immediately associate with this color. Those who prefer blue are calm and sensitive people with great inner strength. The blue touch in the décor will give your kitchen a really cozy and elegant look.


Each color has an associated mystique and this mystique can easily pass to your kitchen countertop. RODI sinks solutions are available in brushed (silver), in black or gold, to blend harmoniously with any color. Also, the straight or rounded shape of the sinks can be better adapted to one or another chromatic range, depending on the style of kitchen you want to build.

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