With the beginning of the school season, September is always a month to reorganize the food routine, especially for the youngest. During the pandemic period, with more limitations than the previous years.

With school bars now closed, it is even more relevant to know how to prepare healthy and easy to carry snacks and meals.

That is why I leave you some ideas and tips to inspire yourself, in order to create healthy meals for your children:

Baby kiwi , cream crackers, light cheese snack and low-fat chocolate skim milk

Water, low-fat chocolate skim milk, sea salt crackers and almonds

Banana, sea salt crackers and light cheese snack

Almonds and seedless grapes

Fruit puree and low-fat yogurt

Clementine, cream crackers and a cooked egg

Yogurt, blueberries and cereals


Don’t forget to always add to the lunch box a bottle of water  for the day and according to the days of higher consume (Number of classes, physical activity, among others).

ATTENTION: None of these qualitative recommendations replace a nutrition consultation or a personalized food plan. The quantities present in the images are not equivalent from the point of view of calories and macronutrients among them.



Author: Ana Magalhães Pereira

Learn more about Ana’s work here or on her profile at Nutrium.