Increasingly functional, sinks have gained prominence in the kitchens, complementing the pleasant ambiance of this space that is the heart of the home. Being one of the most used elements of your bank needs a careful and adequate maintenance process.


RODI sinks are made of stainless steel, which is an advantage when it comes to maintenance, as this material stays clean with very little effort. Sinks should be washed daily with neutral detergent diluted with water and a sponge. Care must also be taken to wipe the stainless steel with a dry cloth so that no limescale particles form.

Alcohol can also help maintain the sink, increasing the brightness. However, water must be passed after the passage of the alcohol and once again use a dry cloth. The alcohol also serves to clean the sturdier stains that, through the friction, will leave with ease.

Sporadically you can disinfect the dishwasher with water-diluted bleach, ensuring a more effective sanitization. You should also avoid using steel scourers so that scratches do not appear.

Just this simple ritual in your daily routine so that your workbench always looks brand new. Do not forget that maintenance and care are very important steps to save time and money! Whatever you do for your dishwasher, it will repay you in terms of durability.


The stainless steel RODI range of sinks and mixers have unique beauty, elegance, strength, and durability. If proper cleaning and maintenance techniques are applied, the appearance of the equipment will remain unchanged over time.