Kitchens are essential in our homes and therefore need to be comfortable spaces and with everything that is needed in easily accessible places. The dream of any person is to join the useful to the pleasant and to be able to combine in this space all the functional elements with the necessary beauty, of which we are so proud when we receive in our home family and friends. The art of well-cooking and well-being is possible even when you have a kitchen with a small space!


The decoration should be based on functionality.
In the functional decoration of the base, it focuses on the direct visual encounter of basic kitchen elements such as the stove, the stove, and the refrigerator. Next, you should think about the complementary elements of these, such as the set of chairs, the table, the shelves, etc. Everything should start with the essential, then add the remaining elements.

The shelves are indispensable.
Practicality is the watchword, so use shelves to store kitchen elements such as plates, cutlery, towels, and other objects. Shelves, hooks, and rods can also be an option. This will save space and keep your kitchen tidy.

Do it yourself.
In order to give a personal touch to the decor, use DIY tips and videos and redecorate the furniture or other elements of your kitchen. In this way, you will be able to save a lot on the decoration.

Unpalpable elements make all the difference.
Bet and think well about the lighting and the colors you will use in your kitchen because the visual effect can work miracles. For this reason, kitchen windows should be free to allow light and air to flow in abundance. When we talk about artificial light, the best options are the white lights, because they transmit a wider and natural environment. Regarding colors, in the kitchen decor, almost anything goes! Just be aware that when the color is too dark, mix with lighter colors so as not to cause a claustrophobic feeling.


To have an organized and elegant kitchen does not need to invest much money, but rather good taste and dedication. Choose simple and customize your way. You will see that the results compensate and that the little space, in reality, does not harm at all! Having a countertop and a dishwasher that fits the intended design will add value to the décor.