Holiday means rest, fun, and social interactions. And when we had tasty food for this trio, even better. Therefore, a spacious holiday kitchen, well organized and equipped, has everything to be an attraction point where everyone will want to be. Cooking, organizing, cleaning, serving, and collecting dishes become tasks for happy socialization.

Here are three suggestions that will undoubtedly turn your holiday kitchen into a space of action and sharing:

1. Choose an open-space kitchen where everyone can move freely 

When the meal preparation area and the dining room are naturally united and make a wide area, the dynamic between everyone arises. But, to further optimize the space, think in detail about how to organize furniture and equipment.
For everything to be always organized, use spacious cabinets with interior organization.
Applying the same flooring to the kitchen and the meal area also creates more harmony in the space.
If the space has generous dimensions, invest in an island where you can include some electrical appliances and the kitchen sink.
At RODI you will find your ideal kitchen sink, adequate in size and style to match your island.
The island (placed between the kitchen counter and the dining table) is the perfect spot for everyone to come together while sharing tasks, talking, and enjoying refreshing drinks and even some snacks.
Besides boosting social dynamics, choosing an open space promotes your family interaction. You can watch over and even interact with your children, usually playing on the dining room side.

Kitchen sink RODI EVO 105
RODI Kitchen sink EVO 105

2. Do not miss these utensils!

Cutting boards are your best allies when preparing meals, salads, and starters. Make sure you have several of them, with varied sizes, so that everyone can prepare different foods simultaneously.
Practical drainers, preferably multifunctional, are also a must-have. Do not forget to check RODI’s offering regarding cutting boards and drainers. They will seamlessly integrate with RODI’s kitchen sink.
A utensil that is easily forgotten is the corkscrew. A small, but an especially important object, which we only think about when it is time to open that wine we acquired especially for a certain meal.
Finally…trays. Extremely useful to carry dishes and food -whether to serve or collect at the end of the meal.

RODI Curl Drainer

3. Choose recipes that allow you to distribute tasks

Each person will have a specific mission to ensure the meal gets ready on time. As such, you can try more elaborate recipes – more demanding in terms of preparation and diversity of ingredients.
The result will be a richer meal. And you will still have time to prepare a few starters and a delicious dessert. In case you run out of ideas, take a look at the recipes from Teresa Rebelo, author of the Lume Brando blog.

RODI Bamboo chopping board

Enjoying social or family quality time is becoming increasingly more difficult in the frenzy of our daily routines. And since our holiday period always seems so short, we should enjoy every moment and socialize whenever possible. Yes, even when preparing meals!