The kitchen is our home’s heart: we gathered our family daily to cook and eat, in a moment that relieves stress from routines while embracing singular and hilarious emotions together. But, it’s not all a fairytale; for many people, the kitchen means a nightmare, and it gets worse when it comes to clean, arrange, and organize.

Daily, the kitchen reinvents itself to answer everyone’s desires and appetites. It demands excellent planning of the space, simplifying these moments and turning them into pleasure. By innovating on materials, combining with a functional design and quality on the kitchen’s space, makes the perfect setting for our quotidian tasks.

Whether on cooking or cleaning, there are some tips that when taken into consideration can improve effectiveness on these tasks, while also incites an elegant and sophisticated look on the kitchen’s scenario and the tasks made there.

Besides the accessible arrangement of appliances and size of the countertop, sink features and kitchen’s accessories are key-elements that change the way we look at cooking and also pleases anyone who’s entering this space.
During the time of planning a new kitchen, besides the displayed decoration and tools, we need to take a look at the 3 main factors:

1- Sink’s configuration: the sink is an essential part of the kitchen, and it’s the element that more influences the aesthetical side of the countertop, while it is also a workplace.

For example, by selecting an undermount sink as the Invisible 50 R for the kitchen, the cleaning process is eased by the integration of the sink on the countertop, becoming a one-single surface. This sink also includes an internal pull-out tap that frees space while improving the overall aesthetical side of the kitchen.

2- Accessories: besides the sink, accessories are the kitchen’s key features when it comes to saving time and effort, completing the countertop for smart and efficient use of everything needed for cooking and cleaning. For example, the integration of a soap dispenser is an easy tip so you can hide its package.
By completing the countertop with a stainless steel draining rack, as the Mini Exclusive model, removes the dish drainer from the worktop, due to its integration on the sink.

3- Finishings: when it’s time to finish cooking and cleaning tasks, stainless steel finishings, for example, can ease the effort of the process while adding modern aspects to the overall scenario of the kitchen, harmonizing with the countertop.

Generally, by integrating the maximum number of components to the kitchen countertop, we get free of minor important objects, adding much accessibility to the kitchen.
Rodi is a kitchen solution developer that answer each client’s needs by following the guidelines of modern design, leveraged by versatility, functionality, and ergonomics.