A comfortable and stylish home is an emerging trend. Especially post-pandemic, with remote work becoming a frequent reality, our homes have become an increasingly more appreciated space.

Also, the kitchen is becoming a more shared and frequented space by the whole family. Due to this growing importance, home design and technology, especially in the kitchen, are evolving rapidly. The kitchen reinvents itself to keep up with these changes in lifestyles.

Smart kitchens 

Smart appliances that we can connect and program through a simple application (app) are becoming more popular in our homes.

In the kitchen, these smart appliances have been gradually transforming our daily routine, allowing us to start taking care of tasks even before we get home or after bedtime – like pre-heating the oven or boiling water.

More advanced functionalities are also being mentioned for the so-called kitchen of the future, interconnecting different equipment. What do you think about viewing what’s inside the fridge remotely? And what about the dishwasher telling you to restock the detergent? And ovens that adjust the temperature according to the recipe, like the advanced cooking robots already used in many homes? The Kitchen of the future might be just like this.


We often “hide” the appliances in a kitchen to get a visually clean and harmonious atmosphere. But the minimalism trend goes further. The purpose is that each element must be functional. Otherwise, it is an unnecessary piece.

In the minimalist trend, we find kitchens with fewer closed cupboards and more open shelves and modern countertops, either in white or wooden, instead of the traditional stone. These are very organised and functional kitchens.

The kitchen sink also plays a key role in this trend. Kitchen sinks, like the INVISIBLE range, are a perfect solution for fans of minimalism – minimalist in its aesthetics, featuring a retractable mixer inside and other practical functionalities.


Caring for the environment has been influencing the design and functionality of the kitchen. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone is becoming increasingly popular – they confer a tactile and visual feel which makes the kitchen more inviting. They also combine perfectly with accents in more contemporary modern materials, like stainless steel and glass.

Also, the focus on reducing energy and water consumption is pushing the search for increasingly efficient and intelligent appliances. At RODI, the TAPS include a flow limiter that allows you to save up to 50% of water. In addition, the company follows sustainable practices in the production process.

Therefore, choosing RODI kitchen sinks, taps, and other accessories, means more sustainability in your kitchen. Get inspired by the article “7 tips to renovate your kitchen with the environment in mind” and learn more about RODI’s commitment to sustainability in the company’s latest Sustainability Report.

Mixing materials

Mixing materials in the kitchen is a big trend. Cabinets with more than one material – mixing wood with white or even darker colours; having a marble counter on a tiled wall. These are some examples already with significant predominance.

The use of smart equipment based on the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and eclectic décor represent some of the “new” trends, supported, above all, by sustainability. In sum – a minimalist approach focused on functionality and quality of life at home, particularly in the kitchen.