In the rush of daily life, many of us neglect to drink water. Now that you’re home, is this a good time to improve this habit?

1) Family water intake
If everyone has their own water bottle, choose a moment for everyone to fill their bottle together. At the end of the day, for example, at dinner, compare the amount you were able to drink.

2) You don’t like the water taste
One of the biggest complaints when it comes to water intake has to do with taste. This often happens to children because they were used to more “attractive” tastes like juices or soft drinks from an early age. If this is your family case, you can choose to flavor the water with frozen fruit, lemon, cinnamon stick, or even apple or citrus peel. If they have been very sweet, you can also add 1 shallow dessert spoon of xylitol or stevia.

3) I forget to drink
If this is the main reason for not drinking enough water during the day you may have alarms on your phone or remind it with an app. In consultation we provide free access to the Nutrium app which reminds you to drink water, to make the meals combined, among other points.

4) I don’t like to drink cold, I don’t like to drink hot
Water temperature is also often a point of discussion. Well, because you don’t like it cold, well, because you don’t like it hot. For all problems, there is a solution and this is an easy point to solve:

  • If you don’t like cold water, you can heat it up or make a tea/infusion. Children can create personalized infusions, with fruit, cinnamon, etc.
  • If you don’t like hot water or natural water, you can add ice or freeze the fruit, thus also adding flavors to your water. Kids love colored it with frozen fruit

And so, what will you test to improve the water intake of the whole family?


Author: Ana Magalhães Pereira 
Learn more about Ana’s work here or on her profile at Nutrium.