Organizing your kitchen every day can be a big challenge. Chaos can settle in quite easily between your job, taking care of the children, and preparing meals. In this article, you can find some tips for you to have a less stressful and more organized day in the kitchen. As a result, you and your family can have quality time.

Essentials only: cleaning and disposing

First, check which foods you have in stock. It is likely that some have passed their validation date. Get rid of them, thus gaining some space. Organize the remaining items so that the ones with a shorter expiration date stay in front and are well visible.
It is quite common for us to store more kitchen utensils, tableware, and bakeware than needed. Decide which ones you really need, and donate, for example, the surplus. With a lesser number of items, it will be easier to get organized and always have in handy the ones you use more often.

Organizing foods

Use transparent jars to store pasta, rice, beans, and flour. Besides helping to better preserve food, it allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. It also provides a much more organized visual aspect to your cabinet or pantry.

Organizing kitchen utensils and dishes

Store your kitchen utensils, tableware, and bakeware by category. Use organizing aids for drawers and cabinets to make this division. Place in cabinets with better access to the utensils and dishes you use more often.

Keeping your counter space as free as possible 

Try to maintain your counter as free as possible. The more room you have, the more agile you will be preparing meals, as well as doing any other tasks. Besides, it will keep an organized look.
The right sink can be your strongest asset to manage the counter. RODI offers a great diversity of sinks, prepared to accommodate different accessories and utensils. The chopping boards, which seamlessly integrate the sink, work as extensions of the counter. Also, drainers and strainers provide the support you need while performing other tasks.
RODI has several accessories that contribute to greater agility in your kitchen, helping to maintain the counter organized and, most importantly, free.

Stocking your refrigerator with previously prepared food

Creating a routine to have some indispensable foods always handy and ready to cook is an infallible trick to relieve the endless end-of-day tasks in the kitchen. With frozen vegetables (previously prepared and cut), you will be swift in making a healthy quiche or soup. Double cook meals that you can freeze to just quickly heat on those days when time seems even shorter.
These backup meals will help you not only be more organized and always have what to have for lunch or dinner, but also maintain a healthier diet, as well as save some money that you otherwise would spend ordering takeout several times per week.

Maintaining organization

Being able to maintain your kitchen nice and tidy is as important as organizing it in the first place. The motto that “what leaves a certain spot shall return to the same spot” is a good start. Besides, any time a certain task takes less than 2 minutes to be done, do it immediately and do not delay it. This also applies to any domestic management activity. Do regular checks of your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator to avoid waste.
Always have a notepad handy. This way you can easily write down what is missing or in short. When going to the supermarket your list will already be done and you will not need to waste time checking what you need to buy. Most of all, you will not buy things you do not actually need.
And remember, maintaining organization is a task for everyone.

organizing your kitchen

In short: Minimalism. This is perhaps the principle behind an organized kitchen. The fewer objects we have, the easier it will be to maintain everything in its rightful place. An organized kitchen not only allows to save time but also provides a better mind organization, thus transmitting a message of tranquility.
Enjoy your organized kitchen. You’ll see that there is plenty of time to try recipes from Teresa Rebelo, author’s blog Lume Brando, such as this spring cake.​