When creating or remodeling your kitchen, there is a set of important choices to make that will impact the functionality and aesthetics of the space. As a consequence of these choices, you may have a kitchen that makes your day easier and more peaceful. Not only in terms of organisation and cleanliness, but also in terms of safety and preparing meals.

If you think about it in detail, you will quickly reach the conclusion that the sink plays a structural and multifunctional role to effectively manage your kitchen. Going beyond its traditional function, the sink is like the epicenter of all the tasks you do in the kitchen. Let’s see: Where do you wash your vegetables? Where do you drain the water from your cooking? Where do you set your dishes to dry? Where do you place dirty dishes when you’re in a hurry? On the other hand, what if you could also cut vegetables on your sink? What if cleaning the valve was faster, more hygienic and simple? These are just some of the reasons why one must be selective when choosing.

If, for you, this new year means a new kitchen, find out the 5 reasons why you should be careful when choosing your sink so that you end up with a functional and attractive kitchen.


1. It’s where you spend more time when you’re in the kitchen

Maybe you’ve already realized that the kitchen is where you spend more time when at home. But maybe you haven’t noticed yet that the sink is the kitchen equipment to which you dedicate more time when you are there. Be it preparing meals, cleaning or organising things, the sink is your biggest ally when performing a number of tasks.


2. Multifunctionality, efficiency and safety

The more demanding your choice is, the bigger the odds are of you selecting a sink that goes way beyond a basic functionality. This allows achieving greater efficiency and better organisation for you to perform your tasks. So, check which accessories can be adapted. Vegetables chopping board, waste disposer, soap dispenser, dishes drainer, vegetables drainer. These are some of the accessories that allow you to perform a set of tasks in the same equipment. That means you won’t need to use other spaces on the counter which you’ll need to clean afterwards. Safety is also a factor to consider, you should make sure the sink includes an effective anti-flood system.

Sink: UNA 75  |   Accessory: Versus


3. Frequent usage and saving water

Due to its constant usage, it’s advantageous to select a sink that guarantees a long durability. Therefore, you should assure the quality of the materials and the warranty the brand offers. RODI sinks are produced with certified materials, and furthermore, present a 95 years warranty. And, if the noise of the water running is something that bothers you, these materials become even more relevant, given it’s paramount to absorb this sound. With constant usage, comes high water consumption. Ensure you select a mixer tap that helps you regulating consumption. The options of sinks with double bowls are also a big help for higher savings, allowing to reuse water.

Misturadora: LINE MN 807 PT
Mixer Tap: LINE MN 807 PT


4. Make cleaning easier, maintaining an immaculate look

If, for you, easiness and quickness when cleaning are important factors, choose a sink with a non-porous surface. Besides allowing a better cleaning, avoiding unwanted water or grease stains, it also prevents moisture. And, of course, the valve. Be it rectangular or round, choose a movable option, which is easy to clean.


5. Clear aesthetic impact

For practicality, the sink is often in the centre of the kitchen. Design becomes a component not to be overlooked if you value the aesthetics in your kitchen. And, if you look for a brand with a design of excellence, RODI will distinguish itself with its international design competitions winning sinks. Because images are worth more than a thousand words, see for yourself the disruptive visual impact of a sink with a design that provides another life and functionality to your kitchen, combining with elegant or more imposing mixer taps, depending on your personal taste.


More than a sink, a testimony of innovation, technology and modernity, which turns kitchens in more versatile spaces, reinventing the way how you perform your daily tasks.

New year, new kitchen.