Renovating a room in the house can be a real nightmare. A good way to avoid this source of stress is to plan and set goals. It is important to take the opportunity to rethink the space’s usefulness, adapting it to the needs and personality of its user. As the kitchen is a prominent place in every home, its functionality and design are key factors for the success of cooking and the motivation of the cookers.

We have selected some products from the RODI catalogue that establish harmony between design and ergonomics, to give that personal and practical touch to your kitchen:

The dishwasher is a fundamental element in a kitchen, so its selection should be considered. It is important to have in mind the surrounding furniture and meeting the needs of those who are going to spend time there.

1 – If you are looking for an overmount stainless steel sink, the Box Lux 76 model, from the RODI ELITE collection, combines personality and functionality: ideal to give that modern touch to your kitchen.

2 – The Urban 100 model, from the RODI SELECTION collection, is a reversible sink with a bowl and a half, and a dishwasher drainer, increasing the countertop’s functionality.

3 – For the most daring ones, the Composite 84 model, from the RODI LIGHT collection, presents only one vat with the possibility to pick the finishings that best defines it. It is elegant for under-mount installation.

Another indispensable element is the tap: it is necessary to pick the model that best fits the user and the type of sink, such as sink’s depth.

1 – The Line MN 1011 model is a single lever mixer with a swivel spout and a pull-out shower that allows a complete cleaning while easily reaching points of difficult access. This model, besides being functional, also shows a sophisticated design.

2 – Line MN 1021 is a single lever mixer with a high flexibility spout shower. It is flexible and reaches even the places with less accessibility. It is ideal for doubled or larger sinks.

3 – As the last model of taps, we suggest you the Line MN 810, which has the feature to rotate up to 90º. It is easily applied in smaller sinks, also allowing to reach the most inaccessible points, not taking a lot of space in the sink.

Regarding accessories, we have selected three products that offer you greater functionality and influences the overall working process to be easier. In addition to their usefulness, they contribute to innovate and customize the space.

1 – The Mini Exclusive is a stainless steel draining rack with several moving components, which allows different combinations. It has a multifunctional drainer, a cutlery drainer and a plate drainer. It, therefore, saves useful countertop’s space and is ideal for smaller, practical kitchens.

2 – The soap dispenser is also an excellent example to increase the kitchen’s functionality while setting an aesthetic side to it: by preventing conventional soap packages from occupying some space on the countertop, it adds fast accessibility to the product.

3 – The Curl Drainer is another shape for drainers: besides its usefulness and easy sanitization, it is a bold accessory that can be rolled up and stored easily, leaving free space in the kitchen.

The integration of the maximum number of kitchen elements on the worktop adds value by getting free space to your room, through components that integrate organically the available working area.

Learn more about Rodi solutions in our catalogue. You will certainly find everything you need to renovate your kitchen and make it the place you have always idealized.