RODI has 6 best-selling sinks. Funny enough, all of them are from different ranges. Discover them in this article. We hope you can find the one that better suits your routine and style.

Functionality without limits

The new Una line includes the Una 50 sink, with a distinctive radius of 25 mm. This radius, combined with the integrated step, provides a more functional bowl, in which accessories can be docked. The stamped valve is a differentiating feature that allows easier cleaning and gives an elegant and modern look to the sink.

Una 50 best-seller

Elegant and distinctive design

The Box Lux 57 is part of the Box Lux range, which is defined by its design with its straight lines bowls, 12 mm radius, and 200 mm bowl depth. This range includes solutions that allow you to integrate the tap and other complements as part of your sink. This design, complemented with the First rectangular valve, makes it the best solution for a modern and stylish kitchen.

Box Lux 57

Minimalist kitchens

The Box Line 50 is a model from the Box Line, an exceptional range of minimalist straight lines. Its modern and unique design makes it one of Rodi’s best-selling sinks and a great solution for minimalist and contemporary kitchens.

Box line 50 best-seller

The most discreet sink you have ever seen

Super elegant and stylish, the Invisible 40 sink includes a retractable tap on the inside. This functionality allows you to install the sink in front of a window or even use our glass cover accessory to hide the sink in the kitchen countertop. The Invisible sink is a must-have for any contemporary kitchen.

Lava-louça mais vendidos

Who said drainers have no design?

The Urban 105, from the Urban range, presents a set of reversible sinks for inset installation. It combines a classic accentuated contour bowl with a modern drainer design. Such as Fusion, the Urban range uses a First overflow that allows easy draining of liquids.

urban 105 lava-louça best-seller

It is imperative to save and optimize space

Mainly characterized by its generous depth, Bahia is one of RODI’s best-selling sinks. These can be mixed and matched together on the worktop to fulfill your daily needs in the kitchen. These single pressed bowls are perfect to integrate into small kitchens.


Still don’t know which sink to choose? These are just Rodi’s best-selling sinks. There is a huge variety to find in the RODI catalog.
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After deciding, stay tuned to our blog with tips such as these that will help you take better care of your RODI sink.
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