The confinement is a period conducive to overeating and/or giving in to many temptations. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, it’s essential to maintain discipline, avoiding making the mistakes of the past. To help you to stay focused, I will suggest a weekly menu, with ideas for lunch and dinner of your family!

The main dishes gain prominence, but the menu includes also soups and snacks! Eating is an act of pleasure and healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, right?

To access the complete recipes and their nutritional information, click on each one.

Monday: Stuffed turkey steak

Tuesday: Salmon Packets

Wednesday: Lasagna

Thursday: Stewed veal

Friday: Boiled codfish

Saturday: Chilli with meat

Sunday: Fish fingers

Soups are a great option for a healthy and light dinner. This time I suggest two recipes:

Cauliflower Creamy Soup and Broccoli Creamy Soup

If your family ask for a snack or even a dessert, I promise they will love these healthy suggestions:

Apple and cinnamon and Popcorn


P.S.: Don’t forget to drink 1,5 – 2 L water per day!


Author: Ana Magalhães Pereira

Learn more about Ana’s work here or on her profile at Nutrium.