To use and quietly enjoy your kitchen on the day to day, it’s important that the space is organised and decorated according to your lifestyle. Each appliance, equipment, utensil, or decorative element has its own place. All of them in harmony make the kitchen’s heart beat.

And there’s one particular equipment that significantly impacts the functionality of a kitchen. Did you know there’s a sink for each type of kitchen? Ready to answer all needs with agility?

In this article, we present five RODI sinks for five lifestyles, or simply for different personal tastes. After all, which sink is the better-half for your kitchen?


The generous sink for those who take on many tasks simultaneously

Due to its design and wide range of available accessories, all RODI sinks are multifunctional. But particularly the Fusion 120, given its generous dimension, provides several functionalities at the same time. If you are one of those people who does 1001 tasks simultaneously in the kitchen, you’ll feel fascinated by this sink, with a modern drainer and two rather large bowls. Regarding what tasks can happen at the same time, these are just some examples: dishes in the drainer, as well as dishes in the extra drainer in one of the bowls, where you can also have vegetables drying. In the meantime, in the other bowl you can cut food on one of the RODI boards that fit perfectly. Fusion 120 also distinguishes its First anti-flooding system positioned at the central area of the sink top.

For those who like to have a black and white kitchen, this is the ideal sink

The Composite 100 Nero sink elegantly and disruptively contrasts in white kitchens or in other clear shades. It’s made of an 80% quartz material, combined with high quality acrylic. It’s resistant to high temperatures, cracks, scratches, and dirt. RODI also offers black mixer taps, such as Line MN 807 PT, which perfectly match this sink.

The sink for kitchens with a fast-paced rhythm

Every day is a hurry. It’s very difficult to have time to get the dishes in the washing machine after meals, and so you place everything in the sink so that you can leave quickly? The kitchen, although organized, seems a mess because the pile of dishes, placed in the sink in a hurry, immediately stand out?

If this is a constant dynamic in your kitchen, the Invisible 70 is the better-half you were looking for. With a deeper bowl than the standard size, a retractable mixer tap and a black glass lid that covers the entire bowl, nobody will notice your dishes are dirty. Your kitchen will always look organized. This way you can take care of the dishes whenever you prefer.


Kitchens with small counters need an individual bowl

When the kitchen doesn’t have a generous counter, finding a functional sink that doesn’t make the space even smaller can be a challenge. But RODI’s individual bowls, with a good depth and an excellent value for money, are the perfect better-halves for such kitchens. Bahia or Belém are examples of available models that will help you take advantage of every inch in your kitchen.

If you love a minimalist design, your kitchen will fall in love for this sink

Xeron 105 is discreet, but at the same time has an imposing elegance. This sink with a brushed finish and minimalist lines marries with any kitchen. If your kitchen is also minimalist, it will be in perfect harmony. However, if your kitchen has a less minimalist style, this sink will provide an ideal balance. If you are someone who enjoys an environment that transmits calmness, clarity, elegance and an exclusive simplicity, these are the traits that your kitchen will gain with the Xeron 105. One of the details that values this sink is its narrow edge that includes a space for the automatic valve button and the mixer tap.

When selecting the perfect match for your kitchen, explore the wide range of accessories and mixer taps that will elevate the functionalities of any sink to another dimension.


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