All care is welcome when we talk about our kitchens. The aesthetic sense of each one varies, along with the design, making each one unique and special. But there are elements that almost always end up making part of the decoration of the benches: marble or granite, which are very durable ornamental stones when well treated.


The problem is that these stones end up being in daily contact with substances that can compromise the careful look of your kitchen. But do not worry about this! Just follow these tips to have your bench always beautiful and bright:

Daily cleaning

A soft sponge and a neutral detergent are the materials necessaryto keep the appearance of ornamental stones as desired. Detergent should not be applied directly to the material but diluted in water to prevent corrosion. Juices or coffee, when squashed on the countertops, can cause stains that become difficult to remove.

Thus, if these substances fall on the stone, they must be washed with water and neutral detergent within a maximum of 3 hours. This quick process avoids difficult cleanings to remove stains that can be easily removed before they dry.

Biweekly cleaning

The daily cleaning of ornamental stones greatly reduces the need for deeper cleanings, while maintaining their good appearance. Still, biweekly brushing the benches is recommended, using the same mild detergent and water, but with the help of a brush, mop, or soft bristle brush, according to the characteristics of the material installed in your kitchen.

Avoid excessive use of water, however, as it may cause infiltration and undesirable staining when the material is not waterproofed.

Deep cleaning for incrusted dirt

Any kind of dirt should be cleaned immediately, as already mentioned. But in case you have not had the opportunity and the dirt is already very crowded, when you see that the brush is no longer obtaining results, try cleaning the benches with a high-pressure water machine.

If cleaning still does not work, it is best to ask for help to a professional than to ruin a stone.

There are still some basic care tips in the maintenance of marbles or granites:
– avoid the use of abundant water;
– avoid the use of abrasive detergents (always opting for the neutral detergent);
– do not use alkaline or acidic substances, which may remove the coloration from the stones.


Invest in the purchase of waterproofed stones, it avoids infiltrations and breaks in the material. Regularly clean your countertop and add to the look of your kitchen a quality sink.