With all the hustle and bustle of a daily routine, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep the house always neatly organized and clean. And in the kitchen, because it is such a used space, this task becomes even more complex. However, to ensure the quality of the meals and to maintain a pleasant ambiance in your kitchen, the cleanliness cannot be overlooked. Here are 11 practical tips to keep your kitchen clean:


1 – Disinfect your sponge 3 times a week by soaking it in lye water for 5 minutes. The kitchen countertop should also be cleaned and disinfected every day.

2 – Make sure you have in your kitchen at least 2 cutting boards, one for meat and fish and another for fruits and vegetables. The plastic ones are the most indicated.

3 – Kitchen cloths should be changed daily because of the bacteria they accumulate. They should also be differentiated between dishwashing and cleaning cloths.

4 – The refrigerator should be cleaned weekly and the freezer should be thawed and cleaned every 15 days.

5 – Still about the maintenance and hygiene of the refrigerator, put on the shelves laurel leaves as they absorb the strong odors.

6 – Buy transparent zipper bags to organize food in the refrigerator. In this way, it will preserve them for a longer time, thus preventing odors from spreading.

7 – Wash all fruits when you bring them from the supermarket.

8 – When dirtying the stove or microwave, clean the dirt immediately. Otherwise, it may take twice as long to remove the fat, and bacteria will accumulate more and more.

9 – The tiles are also part of your kitchen and although they can not be replaced regularly, they should be sanitized. Clean towels weekly or a damp cloth with bleach every week to remove the grease and keep it shiny.

10 – Food or accessories that you use with greater regularity should be in more accessible places for, besides facilitating access, allow a more frequent and quick cleaning.

11 – It is very important to create and maintain a routine when it comes to the zeal of your kitchen, so make sure you go to bed with the organized kitchen. A clean table, neat crockery (in the closet or the sink) and the crumbless floors are an important step and a way to ensure that bacteria and bad odor do not proliferate overnight. In the morning, you will feel better about your cooking and will not have the task of organizing it before leaving home, reducing stress levels.


The benefits of keeping the kitchen a functional space with a pleasant ambiance are varied, both for your home and for you. And having a clean bench, with a dishwasher and a mixer with the features and quality that your kitchen deserves, is key to that!