The kitchen sink has a significant impact on its surroundings.
And it is one of the pieces that can be easily replaced to instantly elevate the look of any kitchen.

All eyes are on the sink

The BOX LUX collection features a minimalist design with eye-catching colours like copper and grey, giving a unique and bold statement to the kitchen space.
Synonymous with sophistication, boldness, and durability, the PVD coating creates interest and warmth in minimalist and modern-style kitchens.

Bold statement - PVD coatings

No matter what colour or model of the BOX LUX collection you choose, you can successfully elevate your kitchen without losing functionality. The result is a more elegant space, where the functional elements blend perfectly with the more decorative details.

Bold statement - PVD coatings

The manufacturing process of the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is eco-friendly and highly refined. Applying this fine ceramic coating confers the kitchen sink with greater endurance and resistance, increasing its lifespan.

Kitchen sink - PVD coatings

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