The festive season comes alive with its unique charm – preparations bustling, the joy of giving and receiving gifts, and the grandeur of a plentiful table. Yet, it’s common to feel the weight of expenses and time commitments during this merry time.

Avoid these worries by keeping everything under control. Let’s explore some helpful tips for a Christmas that’s not just supportive and affordable but also sustainable.

Plan ahead

Pause and think before diving into Christmas shopping.
Write down a detailed list of what you’ll need and how many people will come over for Christmas. A gift list and meal planning help trim unnecessary purchases, reducing shopping stress and food waste. A win for your wallet!

Budget wisely

Set a realistic budget based on your plan, allocating funds for gifts, food, décor, charity donations, holidays, and more. Try your best to stick to it. Discipline is essential to avoiding significant budget overruns.

Early shopping

Whenever possible, shop in advance. Use discounts and vouchers and avoid the seasonal price hike.
Buying locally and in bulk displays both social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Keep the kitchen organised

Make sure your kitchen is ready for Christmas as soon as possible. Organise it efficiently for smooth movement and functionality.

The fridge, in particular, should be the mecca of organisation to avoid wasting energy. Make sure it’s neither too full nor too empty. Keep your most-used items close at hand. Defrost food in the fridge a few days beforehand.

Also, consider water-saving options to reduce consumption and costs while being eco-friendly. A water tap with a flow restrictor will help you save water and reduce costs at the end of the month while protecting the environment. Explore the options available at RODI.

And, of course, remember to separate all your waste.

Energy-Efficient Cooking

Maximize oven space by cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. Use the microwave to heap up small tasks and the stove for larger quantities.
And speaking of cooking, don’t forget to check our Christmas recipes from Lume Brando.

Play Secret Santa

Simplify gift-giving in large groups with Secret Santa. Define gift criteria and values, adding an element of surprise and enjoyment while fostering appreciation and friendship.

Creative decor

Resist the urge to buy new decorations yearly. Instead, get crafty! Create sustainable décor using reusable or found materials. Gather the little ones and make your holiday décor original, meaningful and sustainable!

Embrace solidarity

Amidst the hustle, channel the spirit of giving by looking for a charity (our charities) aligned with your values. Decide how you want to help.
Devote a little time to showing solidarity. Otherwise, what does Christmas mean?

Extra tip! 

Make your Christmas piggy bank.
Start making your Christmas savings for next year now. By next Christmas, you’ll have a tidy sum ready to elevate the festivities.

Cheers to a lighter and more heartfelt holiday season!