During the summer holidays, we usually relax and spend more time with friends and family. There are more people in the kitchen, more food, more chaos. We want to enjoy ourselves and, without even realising it, we often end up not investing much time in careful organisation. By the time we realise it, it is too late, and chaos has set in. But there’s no need for despair – follow the seven steps below and organise your kitchen in a flash.

1. Plan what to do

Don’t start cleaning and tidying randomly.
Before diving in, make a mini to-do list: wash the dishes, check and tidy the pantry, clean the cupboards, and so on. This way, you can prioritise tasks, identify the cleaning products you need, and be more agile and efficient.

2. Wash and tide the dishes and the kitchen sink  

If you have any unwashed dishes, start from there – you will free up space and can focus on cleaning your kitchen sink properly. Take this opportunity to check if you need to replace it.
At RODI, you will find a wide range of kitchen sinks that are easy to clean daily and designed to offer a high level of functionality for the most diverse kitchen tasks with the accessories they can integrate.

Are you looking for tips on how to clean and maintain your sink? This article can be a valuable resource.

3. Clean the cupboards

Pull everything out of the cupboards and give them a deep clean.

Get rid of utensils and crockery that you haven’t used all year. Give them to someone you know who might need them or even a charity institution in your neighbourhood where those dishes and utensils could make a difference. Free up space and reorganise.

4. Check everything in the pantry

Skim through your pantry to see if you have any expired food. If so, discard it and list what you need to refill.

Take everything out of the pantry, clean it and reorganise it by category – place what you use most often in handy. Store rice, pasta and flour in clear jars to optimise and harmonise the space and make them easier to use daily.

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5. Organise and deep clean the fridge

Pull everything out of the fridge and give it a deep clean.

Discard anything that has gone bad, make a quiche or a creative meal with any leftovers, and reorganise the fridge. If you don’t have organiser boxes, get some. It will make it much easier to tidy and sanitise your fridge daily.

6. Renew and brighten up the décor

With so much cleaning and tidying up, in the end, it will be very satisfying to look at the calm and tranquillity that the kitchen conveys and give it a bit of energy with some punctual and affordable decor. For example, placing small plants in certain places will add colour and more life to the space.

7. Do all these steps together as a family

Putting your kitchen back in order after the holidays should be a family task, not a solitary endeavour. This way, everything will be ready more quickly, and more ideas will emerge for foolproof organisation and décor that pleases all family members. In addition, everyone knows where everything is for greater autonomy and a tranquil everyday routine.

Happy return!