Sustainability starts in the kitchen and the environment theme has never been so in vogue. Now that we are all aware that it is urgent to take concrete steps to reduce pollution and save the planet. Define small steps and make them our routine is essential and there is no better way to change social behavior than to lead by example. And it all starts indoors, this time in the kitchen. Hours and hours in this space to manage more. Here are 5 tips to save on environmental thinking:

1- Do not have the refrigerator next to the stove or oven. True, it may not repair but the refrigerator next to a warming appliance will need more power to cool, thus increasing energy consumption and consequently shortening the life of the appliance.

2- Use sink carefully and keep in mind that 15l of water is usually used with each dishwashing.

3- Discard the use of incandescent light bulbs and replace them with incandescent light bulbs or LED – these are best indicated for a longer service life (if used 2.5 a day, an incandescent bulb lasts about 8 months, while an LED lasts 25 years.

4- Reduce water consumption by closing the tap while washing the dishes. Another essential tip? Use a water reduction filter on your Rodi tap. Moreover, next time you go to the supermarket to use environmentally friendly detergents.

5- And lastly, the golden tip: separate organic waste from recyclable waste. Use small eco points for this in your kitchen and don’t miss this task! If you get at least one of these 5 tips every day, future generations appreciate it.