Regardless of having too much or too little space in your kitchen, the storage is essential to make it functional and welcoming. Taking advantage of all the drawers and shelves more efficiently and using the right storage accessories can be the key to have the ideal kitchen. Follow these four practical, very simple and creative storage tips:

1- Put magnets in glass pots and other magnets on the shelves so that the pots are suspended. You can put spices and condiments in the pots. Because they are glass, you can easily identify what is inside the pots  and save more space, since they will be suspended.

2- Another idea to save space on the surfaces is to suspend all products with spray. Install a thin bar in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink and hang there all the products by the spray part. Thus, you will have a total view of the products you own at home and still gain space in the lower part of the cabinet.

3- Use book and magazine organizers to organize and keep potatoes, garlic and onions close to you.

4- Use many tabs! Tabs are always helpful to know where are the things you need, especially if you have more drawers than shelves for all your kitchen accessories.

You can easily get more space and a better organization if you apply some of these practical solutions. It is also important that you reach a consensus with the members of your family in order to keep the organization of the space, because if everyone realizes the method of organization that is being applied, this task will be much easier.

The kitchen should be a space for socializing with family and friends, and the environment should be as welcoming and pleasant as possible. Invest in details and quality!