The kitchen is one of the most important compartments of any house. Besides being used several times a day, its space, organization and structure can dictate whether the cooking experience is pleasant and pleasurable or, on the other hand, a chaotic and discouraging moment: a disorganized and dysfunctional kitchen can tear down the enthusiasm, even for the best of the chefs.

A functional kitchen is practical and simplifies the process of cooking, adapting to each user’s needs. In addition to its organization and frequent cleaning, the facilitation of processes generates time savings, and more opportunities to innovate and create distinct-flavoured dishes.

There are diverse accessories that can be implemented in any kitchen leading to more effective cooking and better cleaning habits. This functionality influences the day-to-day life, generating a perfect place to relax and speed up the cooking, whether for simple recipes or the ones worth a great gourmet plate.

At RODI, we have the best components to add more practical and functional features to your kitchen’s structure, never putting aside space’s design and ergonomics:

1 – A food waste disposer, in the sink, has the objective of shedding all the food that remains in the vat. It provides a more careful cleaning while maintaining the great functioning of the pipes, avoiding potential clogging. Besides its practicality, it avoids the decomposition of the food in the garbage, which always releases undesirable smells to the kitchen. It is also beneficial to the environment, by preventing organic decomposition in landfills and the emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere.

2 – A glass chopping board, such as the 485 glass model can be installed directly on the worktop. Its advantages include a smaller occupation of space and greater ease of hygiene, in addition to its accessibility whenever it’s necessary.

3 – A strainer, such as the Colander Box Lux Line, allows the food to be washed and drained quickly. It can also be used to drain the food after cooking and later used as a container while they are expected to cool. It is a great multifunctional option that avoids the use of other utensils.

4 – In order to increase the functionality of your kitchen’s space, the Combi Art model adds functions such as the sinks drainer, strainer, or cutting board in one component. The sink drainer is an indispensable accessory in everyday kitchen life and is more hygienic than the traditional kitchen cloth.

RODI is committed to developing kitchen solutions that meet the needs of each person, following modern design guidelines, supported by versatility, functionality and ergonomics.