2023 - 12 - 02 - Tips & Tricks

Explore some helpful tips for a Christmas that’s not just supportive and affordable but also sustainable.

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2023 - 04 - 11 - Tips & Tricks

In this article, discover the key kitchen trends that follow today’s lifestyles.

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ways to save water in the kitchen
2022 - 09 - 09 - Tips & Tricks

In times of extreme drought, saving water becomes a moral duty. Know how to save money and reduce water consumption in your home, especially in your kitchen.

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2022 - 06 - 30 - News & Events

This Sustainability Report, compiled at the RODI Industries initiative, reflects our global strategy – We Value the Planet – and outlines how our ESG efforts create value for our stakeholders and the community in which we operate.

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2021 - 09 - 22 - News & Events

The environment is one of the pillars of RODI’s development. In our growth strategy, we value the preservation of our planet. Therefore, we follow a strict environmental policy, with the permanent objective of minimizing the impact of our production on the environment.   More sustainable products In recent months, together with our partners, we have … Continued

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