Chilled Melon Soup with Crispy Prosciutto
2024 - 07 - 02 - Recipes

Chilled Melon Soup – the perfect recipe for hot summer days!
With summer (finally) making its entrance, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious, refreshing soup with the season’s finest flavours.
Dare to reinvent the classic combination of melon and prosciutto, and delight every palate at your summer gatherings with this Lume Brando suggestion.
One thing’s for sure: they’ll ask you to make it again. And again!

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gaspacho melancia
2024 - 06 - 29 - Recipes

In August, we reinvented the traditional tomato gazpacho and added watermelon for an even tastier and more refreshing version!
Who knows, this recipe will become a classic and one of your summer favourites!

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Pimentos recheados
2024 - 06 - 07 - Recipes

(Stuffed) Peppers, Sardines and Cornbread – the must-have ingredients for Portugal’s Summer festivities.
In Portugal, June is when the main religious festivities take place. From gatherings with family and friends to popular festivals, there are many reasons to celebrate, especially at the table.
Let this delicious Stuffed Peppers recipe inspire you as you prepare your alfresco summer gatherings!

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Banana peel cake
2024 - 06 - 04 - Recipes

Next time you throw away your banana peels, think again! There’s a great opportunity to bake a delicious Banana Peel Cake!

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Shrimp spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.
2024 - 04 - 09 - Recipes

Shrimp Spring Rolls – Lume Brando’s exclusive recipe for the spring days ahead. Savour the freshness of these spring rolls, served with a delicious peanut dipping sauce.

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bolo primavera
2024 - 04 - 07 - Recipes

Welcome spring with this irresistible cake decorated with fruit and flowers.

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Receita Madalenas de Amêndoa Páscoa
2024 - 03 - 06 - Recipes

Add a delicious touch to your Easter gatherings with Lume Brando’s Almond Madeleines recipe! It’s the perfect treat for your table, infused with the traditional flavours of the festive season.

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Legumes gratinados
2024 - 01 - 11 - Recipes

Farewell to celebrations and welcome comfort food! As winter sets in and we settle back into our routines, it’s time for comforting dishes, oven-baked and full of flavour. This January, Teresa Rebelo, from the Lume Brando blog, has cooked us a delicious and healthy Winter vegetable gratin – a heart-warming dish for these chilly days. Give it a try!

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2024 - 01 - 09 - Recipes

Embrace the spirit of the season!
The ground is nature’s confetti in the form of vibrant red and gold leaves, and Lume Brando’s Apple and Pumpkin Crumble recipe is like a cosy autumn hug in dessert form.
Savour the season’s flavours and fill your autumn evenings with warmth and cosiness.

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2023 - 12 - 05 - Recipes

And just like that, Christmas is almost here!
It is the season of joy and togetherness, but it is also about the flavours that warm our hearts, creating cherished memories around the table.
This year, amaze your loved ones with the incredible Goat Cheese and Caramelised Onion Stars, a delightful suggestion from Lume Brando.
We’re confident it will be a hit. Merry Christmas!

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Coroa de chocolate e frutos vermelhos
2023 - 12 - 03 - Recipes

For many of us, December is the most desirable month of the year. It’s a time for festivities and tradition, family gatherings around the table, and fireplace conversations. It’s Christmas time! This year, surprise all your family and friends with this incredible Chocolate and Berry Wreath recipe, prepared by Teresa Rebelo, from Lume Brando. We are sure this recipe will not leave anyone indifferent. Happy Holidays!

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Dicas para poupar na cozinha
2023 - 11 - 03 - Tips & Tricks

To enjoy and make the most of your kitchen, you do not need to make heavy investments. Starting with preparing meals, going through utensils, up until water and energy consumption, there are many ways to save without harming your well-being, comfort, and satisfaction.

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2023 - 10 - 20 - Recipes

On October 16th, World Bread Day is just around the corner. In anticipation of this special occasion, Teresa Rebelo, from Lume Brando’s blog, has prepared a delicious and quick homemade recipe for Fig and Walnut Bread. The best part? There’s no need for kneading! Get ready to recreate this recipe and amaze your entire family with your baking skills.

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Tábua de frutas
2023 - 08 - 01 - Recipes

This summer, be inspired by the colours and flavours of the season and surprise your family and friends with a vibrant fruit platter!
From the choice of the ripest fruits to the creative arrangement of the elements, get ready to transform a simple dessert into a masterpiece for the eyes and the palate.

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2023 - 07 - 30 - Recipes

Summertime equals tapas and friends. And long, sunny days at the beach and outdoor tables. Embrace the season by bringing the seafood flavours to your table, and don´t forget to enjoy this aromatic mussel curry recipe! In our section 12 months, 12 exclusive recipes you can find original and delicious recipes developed by Lume Brando, perfect for surprising … Continued

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Cheesecake de cerejas
2023 - 07 - 11 - Recipes

Celebrate June with a delicious Cherry Cheesecake Recipe! A true ode to its unmistakable flavor. Irresistible, don’t you agree?

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2023 - 07 - 07 - Recipes

As September begins and we transition back to our routines, there’s nothing like a collection of delicious and practical recipes to rekindle our enthusiasm.
Prepare to recreate this tasty tuna and vegetable lasagna recipe, a delightful addition to your September dining table.
Embrace your return with gusto!

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Rolo espinafres e salmão fumado
2023 - 06 - 21 - Recipes

Check out our new recipe – a healthy, practical, and delicious salmon and spinach roll! Full of “good” ingredients, this recipe is perfect for the lunchbox and picnics now that the sunny weather is here to stay!

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Risotto Primavera
2023 - 03 - 11 - Recipes

Celebrate Spring’s beginning with this delicious and vibrant Risotto with fava beans and chorizo recipe. A typical Portuguese flavour combination with the irresistible creaminess of an Italian risotto!

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red velvet cheesacake brownies
2023 - 02 - 18 - Recipes

If you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day then we have the perfect recipe to impress your loved ones! Teresa Rebelo, from the blog Lume Brando, prepared a special recipe – Red velvet cheesecake brownies – that will surely turn your day even sweeter (and romantic)!

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One pot pasta de vegetais
2023 - 01 - 26 - Recipes

The partnership between RODI Home and Lume Brando is back in 2023 with 12 more recipes throughout the year. For January, Teresa Rebelo brings us a comforting, practical, and healthy one-pot recipe – One Pot Veggie Pasta – that will delight the whole family during the cold winter days.

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Tarte abóbora e castanhas
2022 - 11 - 22 - Recipes

As Autumn falls, we are drawn to the warmth and comfort of the season’s flavors. And this Rustic pumpkin and chestnut pie recipe from Lume Brando will satisfy our cravings for a delicious and seasonal meal and keep the whole family happy. This a great recipe you’ll want to make all season long.

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salmão no forno com legumes
2022 - 10 - 17 - Recipes

Dig into color and comfort with an easy-to-make recipe from Lume Brando. In this Oven-Baked Salmon recipe, Teresa brings us the comfort of an oven dish, perfect for the first days of Autumn, sprinkled with vibrant colors of delicious vegetables. A versatile and nutritious recipe that we will all love and want to repeat!

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wraps de frango
2022 - 09 - 14 - Recipes

In September, Teresa Rebelo brings us a delicious, quick, and nutritious recipe for pepper hummus chicken wraps. Perfect to enjoy the last summer days outdoors or to take it in the lunch box on the way back to work.

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courgette and feta cake
2022 - 07 - 15 - Recipes

Courgette is one of the summer’s most abundant vegetables. And Teresa Rebelo knows one of the best ways to cook it! This savory bread recipe is not only bursting with flavor, but it’s also light and nourishing at the same time. Quick, easy and delicious!

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2022 - 06 - 29 - Tips & Tricks

Preparing meals with your family. Cooking a special recipe. Keeping the pantry organized and the dishes clean with the help of our little ones. These are some activities that make time in the kitchen less lonely and more entertaining. Although it might prove challenging, it creates memories and contributes to children being more autonomous.

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2022 - 05 - 20 - Recipes

May represents Spring in all its splendor. And there’s nothing better than enjoying these happy days with a fresh and colorful recipe, perfect for an outdoor lunch or picnic.

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2022 - 04 - 28 - Recipes

This month, Lume Brando’s proposal is a reinvention of a traditional recipe, Fish Stew with Sweet Potatoes.

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2022 - 02 - 22 - Recipes

This month, Lume Brando’s proposal is a surprising Mushroom Pie. A vegetarian recipe ideal for the whole family.

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2022 - 01 - 21 - Recipes

12 months, 12 exclusive recipes. This is the theme of the new heading we have for you, in partnership with the blog “Lume Brando”. The January proposal is a comforting Roasted Pumpkin Soup, perfect to serve on the coldest days of the year.

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