Summer calls for fresh and colourful desserts. And if they are calorie-reduced, even better. Fruit, so plentiful and succulent these days, is the best option for a show-stopping dessert that fits all these requirements. Just serve it on a platter or board, carefully sliced and arranged in a way it can be almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

And if making a fruit platter may seem like a hassle, don’t be afraid: all it takes is a little planning and following these tips – you’ll have a delicious and healthy dessert ready to serve in no time!

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1. More variety, the better 

Abundance is the basic principle for an appealing fruit platter, and you should prefer seasonal fruit. For that, you will need at least six kinds of fruit. In this platter, we used eight:

Kiwi fruit

2. Prepare in advance

Wash, peel, and carefully slice the fruit so that the pieces are precisely chopped and equal (use a chopping board and a sharp knife).

The nearer to serving time you prepare the platter, the better. The fruit will be fresher and more flavourful.

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the fruit most susceptible to oxidising.

If you are not serving your fruit platter immediately, wrap it and keep it cold.

RODI Colander Lux/Line
RODI Colander Lux/Line

3. Arrange the fruit alternately

When arranging the fruit on the platter, avoid putting all the same fruit in the same area; instead, spread it out and mix it with other fruit, ensuring that you alternate colours or combine colour groups.

RODI Bamboo chopping board
RODI Bamboo chopping board

4. Include chocolate for a yummy touch 

To enrich the platter and captivate your guests, adding something sweet is always a success.
Here, we’ve opted for dark chocolate squares, but it could have been melted chocolate (for dipping the fruit, like fondue) or biscuits.

Tábua de frutas

5. Be creative!

There are no limits to creating a food platter, whether it’s fruit, cheese, or cured meats. Just be creative and add other elements, such as mint leaves, a small bowl of honey, or even ice cream!

And cheers to summer!

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