In the latest episode of the TV show QUERIDO MUDEI A CASA, the architect Luís Pedro signs the remodeling project of the first kitchen of the new season, given new life to a space forgotten in time.

In this project, Luís Pedro decided to join the kitchen with the living room, thus creating a greater connection between the two spaces and connecting the kitchen work area with the familiarity of the living room.

The initial design concept has resulted in a completely refurbished kitchen in sober whith and blue tones, where the RODI solutions applied give a more modern and sophisticated look to the space.

In his project, Luís decided to use a sink with straight and simple lines, with deep bowls, and that is harmoniously integrate throughout the design of this space.

Sink: Xeron 100

“It’s a straight-line brushed stainless steel sink, with deep vats and rectangular drains. The design is fantastic and it has these deep vats that I think make a big difference. So I think it will work out beautifully!”

Luís Pedro

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