“Querido, mudei a garagem” (Honey, I changed the garage) could perfectly be the title of this episode of Querido, mudei a casa. A 26-year-old young lady looking for her own independence decided to move to an annexe within her parents’ property, once a garage.

To transform this annexe into a home was a mission that decorator Ana Antunes accomplished with distinction, keeping the kitchen in the centre, albeit elegant and discreet.

Faced with such a small space, the decorator considered that the kitchen would need to be a disguised area, in full harmony with the living room. She needed to make several choices to achieve this goal of synergy of two spaces to just one.

“I want it to look as little as possible as a kitchen. It will almost look like a piece of furniture, a cupboard, a sideboard, anything but a kitchen.”

Ana Antunes

As such, some specific elements needed to be selected. The RODI Invisible 40 sink is highlighted. With a modern and elegant design, it includes a glass lid that totally covers the sink, and also serves as a base on which to cut food. It ends up working as an extension of the small counter. In addition, the actual mixer tap, with contemporary lines, retracts and can be totally hidden.

Sink: Invisible 40
Mixer: BOX QS 3000

Glass: Glass Invisible Cover

These features make Invisible ideal to any modern kitchen. The fact that it may be hidden, makes it also an ideal option for kitchens in which the sink is facing a window. As is the case with Sara’s kitchen. This way, it’s possible not only to hide it when receiving friends, for example, but also make it invisible from the outside of the house. Furthermore, it doesn’t prevent the window from fully opening.

As such, Ana Antunes is able to make the kitchen nearly invisible. It’s completely integrated in the living room, where we can find the built-in refrigerator, pantry, and microwave, out of sight until we open the cupboard’s white lacquered doors.

With the tiles totally covered, eliminating all visible ceramics, everything was lacquered white with hidden handles, with not a single stainless piece in sight.

“I went with black and white. Without any stainless elements so that it wouldn’t get a cold kitchen look. No stainless buttons or handles. All black, both the oven and the hob, as well as the sink, hidden by the glass base.”

Ana Antunes

Very simple and practical, this kitchen, nearly invisible, is at the same time the central space in the house. “There’s a kitchen there, but it’s disguised. It’s mingling with the living room. It’s a kitchen that lives happy next to the living room”, describes Ana Antunes.

Allow yourself to be inspired by this and other projects in “Querido, mudei a casa”.