In this episode of the Portuguese TV Show “Querido Mudei a Casa”, Fátima challenged the team to refurbish the kitchen of her mother, the matriarch of this large family. 

Inside a Portuguese style country house, this kitchen with big dimensions was quite outdated, and not so functional as needed. The project was attributed to the architect Luis Pedro Abreu, who divided the space in 3 different areas, to take advantage of the generous area available. This way, in addition to the kitchen zone, it was created a dining space and a seating area in front of the existing fireplace. 

The goal of the architect was to become the space more functional and adequated to a large family. With this in mind, Luis Pedro Abreu made a reorganisation of different kitchen elements, and added also a modern look with a country touch design. 

The materials in earth tones, with the predominance of brown and the use of wood and rope, offers to this space a rural atmosphere, characteristic of country houses. 

To respond to the daily needs of a large family and combine with the spaciousness kitchen, Luis Pedro Abreu chose a sin with “big dimensions, straight lines, modern and made of brushed stainless steel. It’s perfect for this kitchen!” 

Sink: Box Line 74
Tap: Line MN 810

The architect didn’t leave any detail behind, as shown in the tap choice. “As we have the sink in front of the window, I chose a folding model, that lowers and rises, to allow the window to be open. It will be beautiful and very functional!”

Luis Pedro Abreu

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