Recycling a kitchen and making it looks totally new is possible, as demonstrated in this episode of the Portuguese TV show “Querido Mudei a Casa”. The goal of the team was to change the life of Vanessa, the “courageous mother”. 

The initial idea for this episode was the living room refurbishment, which was an extremely cold space due to the total absence of decorative elements. However, Teresa Pietra Torres, the interior designer responsible for the project, decided to join the living room with the kitchen in order to create a more comfortable and functional space for the daily lives of Vanessa and her daughter Mariana. 

Although the existing kitchen was in good conditions, it needed intervention in order to create harmony between the two spaces of the house. Thereby, Teresa Pietra Torres, chose to recycle the kitchen by maintaining the furniture and changing only the wall covering and other small details, like the kitchen sink and tap. 

As the areas were generous, the interior designer responsible for the project added an island to the kitchen. And in the living room, she created a dining area, a living area and a reading area.

To equip the kitchen countertop, Teresa Pietra Torres, choose the new model Una 75 which includes the Versus accessory.

“It’s a kitchen sink with two bowls, straight lines and has a very interesting feature – the stamped valve – which makes cleaning very easy as it doesn’t allow the accumulation of waste in that area. In addition, it comes with a dual function accessory, which works in the interior bowls step. On one side it’s a chopping board and on the other, it works as a drainer. Fantastic and very practical!”

Teresa Pietra Torres

Kitchen sink: Una 75
Tap: Line MN 807 B
Accessory: Versus – drainer and chopping board

The new Rodi tap was also a very important detail to give the kitchen design a final touch, as the designer explains. 

“I chose this black tap to match with the other decorative details os the project, such as the door handles and the spotlights. these details made all the difference in recycling this kitchen! 

Teresa Pietra Torres

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