A modern white kitchen with blue accents was another stunning renovation project for Querido, Mudei a Casa! A kitchen project led by the creative interior designer Rodolfo Galvão that surprised us all.

Renovating a kitchen in 48 hours is no small feat, and this project was no exception. Over 45 years old, this kitchen was outdated in design, materials, and appliances.
Like most families, this family spends most of their time in the kitchen. As the “heart of the home”, it deserves to live up to the memories made in it, don´t you agree?

“This family will have their dream kitchen: a spacious, contemporary, clean, white kitchen.”
Rodolfo Galvão

Modern white kitchen with blue accents

A modern white kitchen full of personality

The new ceramic tile was the highlight of this renovation. Its blue, black and white shades inspired all the décor.

“It’s a ceramic tile full of personality, giving this kitchen the highlight I am looking for.”
Rodolfo Galvão

Kitchen with blue accents

A sink that is a “masterpiece”

The predominant white colour scheme in the kitchen allowed for bolder design choices. One of these elements was the striking Box Lux 50 Grey sink.

 “This is practically a piece of art. The dark grey colour is very sophisticated. Plus, it’s very resistant due to its ceramic coating. The PVD coating gives greater durability and resistance.”
Rodolfo Galvão

RODI Box Lux 50 grey kitchen sink

Box Lux 50 Grey
100% brushed stainless steel
Ceramic coating with high adherence, hardness and resistance (PVD)
Straight, minimalist lines
Rounded corners
Round valve

The Line MN 807 B tap was a perfect match with the sink. Its pull-out shower feature is one of its main advantages, allowing you to reach every corner of the sink.

Line MN 807 B
L-shaped, elegant and timeless
Matt black finish
360º swivelling spout
Pull-out shower head
Dual position cartridge with flow limiter (50%)

RODI Line MN 807 B kitchen tap

New kitchen, new layout

This renovation included a new kitchen layout to increase storage, functionality and flow.
One side was dedicated to the worktop area, while the other housed storage and appliances.
The new décor for the dining area provides comfort for the family gatherings.

Modern white kitchen with blue accents

The result?

A dream kitchen full of personality, modernity, functionality and comfort.
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