In this interior remodeling project developed by the Querido Mudei a Casa team, decorator Rita Glória faced a great challenge: to make her grandmother Paula’s dream come true.

Paula wanted to remodel the living room and kitchen of her home, to provide more comfort to her granddaughters. The girls have lost their mother and are currently living in another country, so the grandmother had the dream of having a more welcoming space to receive her granddaughters, whenever they spend holidays with her.

The team set to work and, despite the limitations of the space, which was dark and showed many signs of degradation, the result of the remodeling was fantastic!

Following one of the great current trends, decorator Rita Glória took advantage of the existing open space, but changed the kitchen layout, so that there could be visual communication between the living room and the area for preparing meals.

Rita explained that, in this way, the space is more harmonious and allows whoever is cooking to be able to communicate with family members who are in the room.

“The kitchen is to be experienced!” Rita Glória

In addition, the decorator chose to put some touches of color in the space, to give it a more cheerful and fun look. Light colors and details with floral patterns were used, to the taste of grandmother Paula.

For the kitchen washing area, Rita Glória chose a 20 cm deep bowl with automatic valve, to facilitate the operations of preparing meals and washing the dishes. Regarding the mixer, it opted for a model with a pull-out shower and a black finish, to match the color palette used in the project.

Kitchen sink: Box Lux 57
Mixer: Line MN 807 B

The decorator explained her choice:

“I chose a large bowl, because it is an option that facilitates daily tasks, allowing, for example, to easily place a pot inside. This bowl is made of stainless steel and has rounded corners, which makes it very easy to use and clean. It’s more practical, more functional!

This model has the automatic click valve, which is a fantastic feature! So we don’t need to put our hands inside the bowl full of dirty water or grease from the dishes, to drain the liquid from the sink. Just click the button and you’re done.”

Rita Glória

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