In this episode of “Querido Mudei a Casa”, the “Queridos” team embraced the challenge of making Claudia’s dream come true, a nurse who was at the frontline in the fight against Covid-19 and who, for that reason, had to stay away from her family for a long period of time.

Claudia had the wish to remodel the kitchen of her new home, to suit the family’s tastes. its decor was old and being a space often used by her and her husband and their 3 daughters, not only for meals but also for other activities, such as studying or entertaining friends, that is why the remodeling was so important for the well-being of this family.

The project was in charge of the decorator Rita Glória and the aim was to give this family a dream kitchen, elegant and super functional. It was the perfect “pamper” after a few months of being apart due to the pandemic. The starting point was a huge kitchen and a very small dining room, which existed in the space next door.

In order to take advantage of the hole area, Rita Glória designed a unique space, in an open space format. And completely redesigned the kitchen layout to make it more functional for everyday use. It created an island for breakfast, a dining area and increased storage space.

“The kitchen is the epicenter of the organization and functionality of a family’s daily life!” Rita Glória


For the decoration of this open space kitchen and dining room, Rita adopted a contemporary style, with straight lines. She combined the lower furniture in “aqua green” with the wood and some details in metallic black to give a cheerful and more industrial look to the space.

In the dining area, it created a more welcoming environment, with neutral wallpaper on the back wall, making this space even more special for the whole family.



To equip the countertop of this dream kitchen, the decorator responsible for the project based her choice on a stainless-steel finish and minimalist design for the sink and the mixer.


Kitchen sink: Box Line 50
Mixer: Line MN 805 NS

“I chose this RODI sink for 2 reasons: first because it’s stainless steel and I think it’s really the most functional material for this type of product. And secondly because of its design. It has zero radius, straight lines and it’s has really beautiful! minimalist design as I like it, a real piece of art for this kitchen!”

Rita Glória


“This mixer has everything to do with the sink I chose, as it’s 100% stainless steel. It’s really cute, super stylish and it’s exactly what I was looking for for this space.”

Rita Glória

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