Remodeling work in “Querido, mudei a casa!” is usually a challenge to “queridos” and the teams that work on each project. In this episode, the difficulty was much higher than expected, but the result made it all worthwhile (as always).

Cozinha Querido Mudei a Casa

Transforming a dated, small kitchen into a “great kitchen” that joins a meal area and laundry space took two days of hard work, lots of creativity, and ingenuity.
Believing that the candidate “deserves the kitchen of her life to welcome her children and grandchildren”, the decorator Luís Pedro de Abreu left no detail for chance, even in the face of hardship.

“L” shaped layout

Shaped as an L and with a peninsula that connects to the meals area, the kitchen spreads into two zones: the preparation zone and the meal zone. A long cabinet with a dark green hue contrasting with the remaining white cabinets of the kitchen joins both spaces.

Cozinha Querido Mudei a Casa

The cherry on top

– Integrated solution: kitchen sink and mixer

But the “cherry on top of the cake” as Luís Pedro de Abreu says, is the RODI sink Box Lux 76. In high-quality brushed steel, the selected sink belongs to the RODI Elite range and includes an upper edge of 80 mm for installing the mixer and other accessories. Elegant and modern, and with a First automatic rectangular valve, Box Lux 76 is the ideal sink for a functional and contemporary kitchen.

RODI Box Lux 76

And, using the words of the decorator, “the cherry on top of the cherry”, is the Line MN 1022 mixer. A “top-level mixer”, characterizes Luís Pedro de Abreu, with a high flexibility spring single lever, 360º swivel spout, and adjustable double shower. It also includes a double-position cartridge with a flow limiter (50%).

misturadora Line MN 1022

Finally, the Master box Lux/Line is also a must-have item that highlights the sink, featuring a bamboo cutting board, dishes drainer, and a stainless steel colander.

RODI Lava-louça Box Lux 76

More than just a simple kitchen, this renovation project is a proper kitchen for the whole family, where the candidate assures she will now spend even more time and prepare even more cakes and other recipes.

Cozinha Querido Mudei a Casa

Kitchen sink: Box Lux 76
Mixer: Line MN 1022 
Accessories: Master box Lux/Line

Be inspired by this project and the team whose creativity and commitment made this project possible. Watch the episode and other “Querido, mudei a casa!” projects and discover how the RODI sinks can make a difference in a kitchen where design has a top place: aesthetics and functionality result in the perfect kitchen for each lifestyle.


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