Another project, another successful accomplishment by Querido Mudei a casa! TV show as they bring a new dream to life – a stunning black and white kitchen.
In a space stagnant for 35 years, Rita Glória, the interior designer, exceeded expectations by connecting the kitchen and dining room and breaking down the dividing wall.
This makeover showcased the synergy between the spaces, demonstrating how combining them created more impact than their parts.

Expanding Space: The Impact of White in Design

The result was a U-shaped kitchen with plenty of storage while achieving the desired colour scheme in perfect harmony: black lower cabinets complemented by white upper cabinets.
Emphasizing white on the upper level creates an expansive feel, visually lightening the space while enhancing its perceived size

An Elite sink

Highlighted against the window, the standout piece in this kitchen is the RODI Box Lux 75 sink from the Elite range.
This best-selling sink features a sleek, minimalist design with two bowls (12 mm radius and 200mm deep) with a rectangular valve.

Complementing this elite sink choice is the Line MN 807 B tap, meticulously handpicked by interior designer Rita Glória. Its matte black finish seamlessly blends with the lower cabinets.
Beyond aesthetics, the Line MN 807 PT tap excels in functionality, featuring a swivelling spout with a pull-out shower head and a flow restrictor for water saving.

The kitchen that embraces the living room

In this contemporary black-and-white kitchen, the oak dining table and chairs steal the spotlight, injecting a captivating contrast and warmth that softens the cool of this classic colour scheme.
Meanwhile, the living room boasts a magnificent 4-meter oak furniture piece, serving the same purpose of creating a cosier, more inviting ambience.

This extraordinary project marks another fulfilled dream, with RODI contributing its part.
With Christmas just around the corner, these projects – supported by RODI since 2018 – are even more meaningful.

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