Decorator Ana Antunes faced a great challenge: remodeling the headquarters of the Doctors of the World. This was a very special episode of the Portuguese TV show “Querido Mudei a Casa” series, in which the team involved saw an opportunity to repay, through their work, a little bit of the much that this association does for society.

Doctors of the World is a non-governmental humanitarian aid and cooperation organization that supports vulnerable people by providing health care free of charge.

In this organization, which works 365 days a year, 14 people work daily, so the goal of the remodeling would be to create a welcoming and versatile space to meet the needs of the team.

Decorator Ana Antunes looked for inspiration in the international co-working spaces, and starting from an ample area, she created a simple layout, with different divisions and visual connection between them. For the decoration, it adopted a neutral base, with wooden notes and the predominance of black and white materials, complemented by the green of plants.

In addition to the various work spaces, a very functional dining room was also implemented, where Médecins du Monde employees can have their meals, take a coffee break, or even work. Following a contemporary language, he chose black cabinets for the worktop area and a wallpaper inspired by nature, which resulted in a beautiful space!

As the dining room was an ideal space for small meals, it was essential to include a sink in the project, for the Association’s employees to be able to wash a cup of coffee, their dishes, or even their lunchbox.

Sink: Box Lux 50 Grey
Tap: Line MN 807 B

The decorator responsible for the project explained to us that for this project the design of the products and their dark color finish were decisive in their choices.

“I chose RODI ‘s Box Lux 50 Grey, for its contemporary lines and the brushed black finish, which looks particularly good with the cabinets. To top it off, the black mixer makes perfect sense with this kitchen sink and is yet another elegant detail of the space.”

Ana Antunes


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