Providing more safety, comfort, and functionality were the main requests for this new kitchen project from “Querido, Mudei a Casa!”. For the décor, the interior designer Rita Glória combined contemporary elements with rustic details.
An impressive transformation that exceeded the expectations of candidate Sónia Pacheco and her small twins.

Querido Mudei a Casa

A “proper” kitchen

Faced with an already dilapidated kitchen (and at risk of compromising the safety and comfort of the family), Rita Glória decides to start this project practically from scratch. Everything is removed from the space, including the windows.
With a blank canvas, the interior designer decides to divide the kitchen space into two distinct areas: one for storage and another for workspace. She created a specific area, almost aside, to integrate a pantry and some appliances. Next to it is an L-shaped area, with a generous space for a working area.

Querido Mudei a Casa

“I got carried away and brought this RODI sink”
said Rita Glória referring to the Box Lux 50 Grey sink 

RODI’s wide range of products allows you to select the kitchen sink that best suits the functionalities and aesthetics of each type of kitchen.
For this kitchen with rustic details, the “out of the ordinary” dark grey kitchen sink enhances the contemporary look. At the same time, it blends perfectly with the rustic and farmhouse details.
Featuring a ceramic coating, the Box Lux 50 Grey is a “durable and highly resistant” sink, describes Rita Glória. Besides, “it has a generous size and rounded corners for easy cleaning”.

Box Lux 50 grey

For the mixer, the interior designer chose Line MN 807 B. It features a black matte finish, a swivel spout, and an essential functionality: the flow limiter, which “allows reducing water consumption”, explains the decorator. It also has a pull-out shower for easy washing.

Line MN 807 PT

Kitchen sink: Box Lux 50 Grey sink 
Tap/mixer: Line MN 807 B

Querido Mudei a Casa

“Contemporary with rustic details”

The colours, the patterns, and the thoughtful décor by Rita Glória bring a glimpse of the countryside surroundings to the kitchen interior. A focal point is the suspended cupboard which, as the interior designer says, “is reminiscent of a mini grocer’s shop”.

Querido Mudei a Casa

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