Designing a kitchen that celebrates the happy ending of a family was the mission of the interior designer Teresa Pietra Torres in this episode of “Querido, Mudei a Casa!“. From the beginning, the contestant Neusa Henriques showed total confidence in the program team to renovate her kitchen, a space she describes as “aesthetic chaos”.
Everything that Querido’s team can do they have total liberty to do it because it’s going to be good“, she guarantees.

More storage, more modern and brighter space”

Renovating a dated, small, “closed and dark” kitchen into a modern, brighter, and spacious room was Teresa Pietra Torres’ priority.
The interior designer had plenty of motivation to give her best to a family that she considers “strong” and “an inspiration“. To achieve this goal, she designed a white-based kitchen with a “dynamism” enhanced by the black and white checkered flooring she chose.

The “spectacular” sink

The RODI Una 57 sink stands out from the kitchen’s extended worktop that exudes modernity and functionality. A piece that the interior designer and the host of the show João Montez unanimously called “spectacular“.
UNA 57 is part of RODI’s recent UNA range with 25mm radius bowls. Featuring straight lines, rounded corners, and stamped valves, cleaning these kitchen sinks becomes a much easier task. All models also integrate a step that, as the interior designer highlights, allows the use of accessories like the Versus board, which works as a cutting board and a drainer.

RODI Una 57

RODI Una 57

To match the sink, Teresa Pietra Torres selected the Line MN 1011 mixer. This single-lever mixer with a swivel spout and a pull-out shower allows you to easily reach any washing area. It also incorporates a flow limiter (50%) for responsible water consumption.

RODI Line MN1011

Kitchen sink: Una 57
Tap/mixer: Line MN 1011

RODI Una 57

Sinergy between modern and classic

The white cabinets Teresa Pietra Torres selected for this kitchen feature a detail that creates a harmonious synergy between the modern and classic styles: a kind of framework that surrounds all the cabinet doors. This detail creates an aesthetic bridge with the checkered floor with classical style.

Watch this episode to see all the details of this total kitchen renovation project that gave this family a little more happiness.
See how the right kitchen sink contributes to achieving the goals of a kitchen project, in this case mainly related to space optimization. Besides its primary function, the kitchen sink adds value to each project, depending on the purpose of the space as a whole.
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