The whole adventure of the couple Sofia and Tiago and their daughter Lara started with the program “Querido, comprei uma casa”, when they bought a house still under construction and that the TV show “Querido, Mudei a Casa” proposed to finish.

In this new episode, the team finished the constructions and decorated three different spaces of this couple’s new 65sqm home. Initially the team had four spaces to finish and decorate, that later on became three spaces due to the junction of the kitchen with the living room.

The conceptualization and decoration project was made by the decorator Ana Antunes that was able to create a contemporary and elegant space with focus on neutral tones such as blanck and white.

The use of some elements in roasted yellow and pink, together with contemporary elements such as the wall-papers, helped the decorator Ana Antunes to achieve the couple’s preferences and tastes.

In order to follow the contemporary and elegant style of this adjoining space of the living room and kitchen, Ana selected a RODI sink with ” a deep bowl with straight lines and a large drainer”.

Sink: Evo 105

The decorator explained the accessories selected to complement the sink, by mentioning that: “The peculiarity of the board being able to slide along the entire sink, helps to create a larger counter space that was one of Sofia’s great concerns. The second accessory also allows to drain some cups and other dishes”.

Ana Antunes

Accessories: Easy Drainer e Glass chopping board 450

To complement this sink, Ana selected a mixer that has a small black detail in the shower part. This mixer allows a wide range of washing of the bowl and the retractable shower can be pulled to wash the entire countertop of the sink.

Mixer: Line MN1001

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