Discover how Luís Pedro Abreu revamps a kitchen to suit multiple generations in this project for Querido, Mudei a Casa!
Witness the transformation of a once antiquated grandmother’s kitchen into a modern, fresh and functional space for her and her granddaughter’s needs.

projeto cozinha

A functional open-space

In this home, the kitchen and the dining room form a single space where Grandma Lurdes spends most of her time. Either cooking or gathering with her family.

Before Querido’s intervention, the kitchen remained untouched. Everything is outdated: the cabinets, the appliances, the sink. Besides, it’s barely functional.

Luís Pedro’s objective?
Crafting a kitchen for both generations: fresher, modern and functional.

To ensure functionality, the interior designer outlined all the various areas.
There is now an appliance area, a working area, a laundry room and a dining area. Everything was perfectly defined, ensuring maximum practicality and flow.

projeto cozinha

Embracing Freshness: The White Palette

In this kitchen makeover, white takes centre stage, complemented by warm wooden elements.
A dark grey accent wall in the dining area adds contrast and depth.
Subtle black accents punctuate the space with understated sophistication.

projeto cozinha

“Family home, family sink”

To equip the centre worktop of this family kitchen, Luís Pedro selected the BOX Lux 74 sink from RODI’s Elite range, a best-seller product.

“I find this sink particularly appealing. It has plenty of space to work, and if needed for other tasks, we have the Master Box Lux/Line kit that seamlessly divides the space,” explains the designer.

For the tap, Luís Pedro opted for the Line MN 1021, featuring a pull-out shower, to “cover the entire sink area”, he adds.

lava-louça RODI Box Lux 74

Functionality above all

Installing a kitchen island was the “great trick” found by the interior designer to give this space more functionality. The granddaughter’s dream of having a kitchen island also came true.

Now, the two generations can continue to gather and create memories together in a modern, fresh, and functional kitchen and dining space.

projeto cozinha

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