This episode of “Querido, mudei a casa!” marks the program debut of the interior designer Rodolfo Galvão on a kitchen project – nobody would tell, considering the amazing result that delighted the grandmother Gloria and her young granddaughters Marisa and Vanessa.

The interior designer ensures from the start that, despite the “sad history” of the family, he will bring to the space “a good energy, all that this grandmother deserves”.

querido mudei a casa

Top priority: modernize

Modernizing was the concept that guided the whole project for a “modern grandma’s kitchen”. The goal was to create a space “cleaner, more functional, with storage elements, and easy maintenance”, explained Rodolfo Galvão.
In sum: a modern and practical kitchen.

querido mudei a casa

A clean and modern space

The interior designer kept the original layout of the kitchen. However, after querido’s intervention, the kitchen now presents more straight lines, becoming a sophisticated space where there is no “visual pollution”, he explains.
And because “it’s not only a kitchen, it’s also a living room”, emphasizes Rodolfo Galvão, the dining area was designed to be a place where you want to be, either to watch TV or to chitchat.
In contrast with the white base of the kitchen, the decorative details and the wallpaper in the dining area add different tonalities and increase the visual comfort of the space.

querido mudei a casa

The “Elite” sink

In the center of the countertop stands a sink from the “Elite range for an elite interior designer” as João Montez presented it, referring to the RODI Box Lux 50.
RODI’s Elite range combines quality and design, enhancing any kitchen. Produced in high-quality brushed stainless steel, Elite integrates top-quality products, ideal to meet the highest standards of excellence.

The Box Lux 50 sink outstands for its bowl with straight lines, a 12 mm radius, and a 200 mm depth. The 80 mm on the upper edge allows the installation of the mixer and other complements as an integral part of the sink.

Rodolfo Galvão highlights the rounded corners of the Box Lux 50 that allow for easier and more effective cleaning. And to reinforce the modern message, the interior designer also points out the rectangular valve First as a sophisticated detail.
In short: the Box Lux range is the ideal solution for a modern and elegant kitchen.

Rodi Box Lux 50

The Line MN 807 has a 360º rotating single-lever mixer with a swivel spout and a pull-out shower. It also features a dual-position cartridge and flow limiter (50%).

Rodi Box Lux 50

Kitchen sink: Box Lux 50
Mixer: Line MN 807

See for yourself all the details of this complete renovation that turned grandmother Gloria’s kitchen into a modern, simple, functional, and elegant space. Let yourself also be surprised by other “Querido, mudei a casa!” projects. Discover how in these home improvement projects the RODI sinks imprint a position of sophistication and future, elevating the functionality and look of each kitchen to higher levels.


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