Transforming a shabby and dull outdoor space into an inviting spot for the family was the mission of the interior designer Rita Glória in this incredible and challenging project by Querido, Mudei a Casa!

A big fan of the TV show, the candidate Madalena Antunes had always felt that her outdoor space needed a deep intervention to make it more modern and comfortable to welcome family and friends. It is a long-dreamed project, postponed over and over again.

“This is a very typical scenario. This house is over 60 years old, and the owners have been renovating it over time. And, of course, the backyard is always more neglected”, says Rita Glória.

The interior designer’s main concern was to create a welcoming and colourful space with well-delimited areas and shadow spots, starting with the porch/kitchen. Another priority was to level the floor, which was quite uneven and degraded.

“We have a fantastic outdoor space here. It is such a waste not to use it. We are going to renovate the kitchen, which is very important and not functional, and, by the way, also the garden. It’s a dull garden, very bare, which needs our help urgently.”, she says.

The outdoor space has three distinct areas: a dining area with a kitchen and a barbecue, a garden/living area, and an orchard. With an eye on every detail, the interior designer also created a little corner she called the “lovers’ corner” next to the orchard.

The kitchen as the starting point for de décor

The starting point for this project was the kitchen area.
Creating a new and functional kitchen, with a larger countertop area and a generous dining area, was crucial for Rita Glória.

The “Mediterranean-style” inspiration came from the ceramic flooring selected for this space, whose patterns and colours resemble hydraulic mosaics.
To complement this “rustic” yet contemporary look, the interior designer opted for wooden kitchen cabinet doors with a very natural look, contrasting with a white countertop and a textured mosaic backsplash in the same colour.

But the contrasts didn’t stop there. The RODI Box Lux 50 grey was the kitchen sink selected by Rita Gloria, which stands out in the longest part of the white countertop.

“I chose this RODI model because, first of all, it is a large and deep sink. It’s a family sink.”, says the interior designer.

Rita Glória also selected the Line MN 1011 tap from RODI – an elegant solution with a pull-out shower. “I also chose a RODI mixer with a black detail to match the kitchen sink.”, she says.

“We need colour!”

Rita Glória knew right away that she wanted colour for the garden space, highlighting the high walls with a vibrant blue tone that brought new life to an initially all-white canvas.

On the main wall, the interior designer created a mural with a stencil inspired by the kitchen pavement, to which the interior designer added small planters. “A wall of this size is a great blank canvas where you can play and create,” she says.

The bold choice of this colour for the walls, the laying of artificial grass in most of the garden, and the wooden furniture made the whole space richer and more interesting in terms of colour and texture contrasts.

The outcome was astonishing, with an incredible before and after. From a “bare” and “dull” space, the candidate’s family can now enjoy an authentic Mediterranean-style outdoor living space that remains practical and functional.


Kitchen sink: Box Lux 50 Grey
Tap/mixer: Line MN 1011


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