The interior designer Luís Pedro de Abreu surprises us again and raises expectations in another episode of “Querido, Mudei a casa!” with a complete kitchen makeover for a five-member family.

The goal was, according to the interior designer, “to make Sandra’s dreams come true, I hope,” he said. As is often the case when renovating kitchens, the priority was to have a functional area that best suits the family.

For high functionality, a large countertop

During the meeting with the candidate, Luís Pedro Abreu realised that Sandra spent much time in the kitchen and felt that she lacked countertop space more than anything. So, for the interior designer, the goal became clear: to improve the working area, focussing the entire project on that.

For each task, each space

The starting point was to define a “U-shaped” layout with differentiated areas for washing, prep and cooking. This layout was possible by removing an existing fireplace, giving space to create a generous countertop with the kitchen sink right in front of the window, just as Sandra wanted.

The sink with a foldable mixer

A foldable mixer is the right option for effortlessly opening and closing a window, especially when the sink is in front of the window. Of course, Luís Pedro de Abreu considered this detail and chose the Line MN 810 mixer“a fantastic tap”, says the interior designer. It’s a single-lever mixer with a 360 º swivel spout that folds to 90 º. The flexibles are made from stainless steel and incorporate a dual-position cartridge with a flow limiter (50%).

The Box Lux 75 sink, with two bowls, is the star of this large kitchen worktop with sunny exposure. The two-bowl sink features straight lines, a minimalist design with a 12mm radius (i.e. rounded corners) and a rectangular valve that the interior designer highlights for its “sublime” visual appearance.

We couldn’t miss the Master Box!

Complementing the elegant and functional RODI sink is the Master Box Lux/Line, a trio of accessories designed to save space on the worktop while making everyday tasks easier. “Several situations in one sink”, says Luís Pedro Abreu. This versatile trio helps free up counter space and makes the food prep more efficient.

“A clear, cheerful” and sustainable kitchen

This is how Luís Pedro Abreu refers to his kitchen project, designed so that the family can stay and live together comfortably. It’s also a space designed for a sustainable routine due to his attention to the choice of efficient lighting and quality materials.


Kitchen sink: Box Lux 75
Tap/mixer: Line MN 810
Accessories: Master Box Lux/Line

RODI is proud to join projects like this, as sustainable practices are intrinsic to the company, as you can understand in more detail in the Sustainability Report. It is always with great pride that RODI associates itself with the “Querido Mudei a Casa” projects.


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