This episode of “Querido Mudei a Casa” focuses entirely on remodeling a kitchen with a very generous area. The transformation is radical and surpassed not only the family’s expectations but also the actual decorator, Luís Pedro Abreu.

Querido mudei a casaI usually say that the outcome surpasses my expectations.
In this case, it did not just surpass… It surpassed and then some!

Luís Pedro Abreu 

“U” shaped layout

With a new “U” shaped layout, the project takes full advantage of its functionality with well-defined areas: an area for washing, a working counter, and the third area for storage and electrical appliances.
The cherry on top is an island right in the center, with an area for cooking, a hob, and exhaust, as well as an area for breakfast.

querido mudei a casa

Multifuncional kitchen sink

But, if there is any multifunctional equipment in this kitchen, it is the sink. For this modern and clean space, Luís Pedro Abreu selected the Una 72 kitchen sink. The two bowls, with larger dimensions than the usual sink of this kind, sparked the attention of the decorator. One very pertinent detail is the stamped valves that prevent dirt from accumulating. It makes cleaning easier and, at the same time, provides a more elegant design.

RODI Una 72

With a 25 mm radius, the Una bowls, together with their integrated step, are more functional, allowing to dock accessories.
Therefore, the kit that Luís Pedro Abreu selected is even more differentiated and very useful, also including a dishes drainer, a bamboo cutting board, and a stainless steel colander:
Master Box Una. Complementing still a Versus drainer and cutting board, which is two-in-one. All these accessories, when integrated with the sink, also work as a lid of sorts for both bowls.

“It’s a party, a master party!”
Luís Pedro Abreu

RODI Una 72

Located facing a window, the sink needs a mixer that folds, besides being able to swivel, allowing it to easily open the window.
To complete the sink, the decorator chose the Line MN 810 mixer. It is a single-lever mixer with a 360º swivel spout and folding up to 90º. It has stainless steel flexible hoses and includes a double-position cartridge with a flow limiter (50%).

“A mixer that will make a difference.”
Luís Pedro Abreu 


For this project, the decorator focused on the importance of functionality. After all, it is a kitchen that will serve a family of four, two adults and two children. But the best functionality is always associated with immaculate aesthetics. Now that…is design. It was this exact challenge that Luís Pedro Abreu overcame with distinction.

The result is a kitchen with white background, oak floating floor, and black details. The plants placed here and there and a giant slate on one of the walls provide the space with life and originality. We highlight the slate which, not only works as a decorative element but also will prove extremely helpful for the notes and reminders of everyday life.

“It is a very simple kitchen, white, black, and wood.”
Luís Pedro Abreu

cozinha querido mudei a casa

Kitchen sink: Una 72
Mixer: Line MN 810
Accessories: Master Box Una

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