Episode 3208 of the TV show Querido Mudei a Casa reveals the expertise of the interior designer Ana Antunes as she transforms a kitchen that, at first glance, may not appear to need any intervention into a dream space filled with light colours and attention to detail.

Two large rooms that become one

Ana Antunes takes on the challenge of transforming two large rooms into one harmonious space.

While initially spacious, these combined kitchen and dining areas needed a makeover to maximise their potential. The primary objective of the interior designer was to address the underutilisation of both spaces, turning a kitchen that lacked its purpose and a dining room that lacked functionality into a unified, well-designed area.

An airy vibe that extends to the kitchen sink

The choice of a pale colour palette was paramount to seamlessly connect two adjacent spaces and achieve a light, airy ambience. This colour scheme extended to the RODI sink integrated into the kitchen countertop – Composite 50 Alpina, in white colour.
“A super-resistant white sink complements the pastel tones of the kitchen, and the gold tap” explains the interior designer.

As part of the Composite Range, this kitchen sink is crafted from a blend of 80% quartz and high-quality acrylic. This unique combination of materials ensures its remarkable resistance to elevated temperatures, cracks, scratches, and dirt, making it a durable and enduring kitchen solution.

The Composite Range offers a spectrum of colour choices and combines its durability with an elegant and timeless design, suitable for a wide array of kitchen styles.

A Shift in Purpose and Style: The Transformed Kitchen and Living Room

Following the renovation, Ana Antunes observes that the kitchen and living room have departed from their traditional style due to the various decorative elements, such as the integration of kitchen cabinets, designed to blend seamlessly into the joined space.

We would risk adding that the kitchen sink is less of a sink, departing from the typical stainless steel with its white colour and distinct material and design that adds an extra layer of décor.

The result is a creative, functional, and beautifully organised social area where these two spaces converge seamlessly.
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