This remodeling process is the proof that persistence is the best path to achieve our dreams. That was the starting point of the new episode of the TV show “QUERIDO MUDEI A CASA”, in which, after several applications without a positive response, Maria Nascimento eventually welcomed the team from “QUERIDO MUDEI A CASA” in her home.

The project of the interior architecture was developed by Teresa Pietra Torres, who chose to create an open space by transforming the living room and the kitchen into an unique space. Her purpose was to privileging the interaction between the children, grandchildren and other possible guests who often come together at Maria’s house.

To satisfy Maria’s tastes, the decorator selected a classic style, and was inspired by her African roots to choose the colors and materials used on the decoration, thus giving a modern touch to the space.

A well-balanced open space with a classic white kitchen that extends to the dining and living room, in which the wood finishing and the warm colors stand out to accommodate and provide comfort to Maria’s family.

To equip the kitchen counter, Teresa selected a sink with a traditional style, with two bowls and a drainer that fit the classic look of the space.

Sink: Fusion 116

“I chose a sink that evokes the traditional style as the kitchen itself. It is a model in stainless steel with two bowls and a drainer, that although it is traditional, it has modern lines, from which I highlight the straight bowls with rounded corners that perfectly combine with the remaining kitchen furniture.”

Teresa Pietra Torres

“What struck me about this model was the Eye valve which allows the food scraps to be hidden so that the sink looks always clean, which is great! Besides that, the grille that holds the waste that remain in the drain is made of flexible plastic, which allows an easier cleaning of the sink.”

João Benedito (remodeling team leader)

To complete the working area of the kitchen counter, the decorator also opted for a flexible mixer from RODI.

Mixer: Line MN 1021

“The mixer I chose has this rounded line design that blends very well with the environment and as it is flexible, it allows you to reach the more distant points of the two bowls easily.”

Teresa Pietra Torres

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