In this episode of the TV show “Querido, Mudei a casa!”, interior designer Teresa Pietra Torres oversees an extreme makeover for a devoted husband who wants to surprise his wife, a passionate cook, with her dream kitchen – a classic and refined kitchen.

The challenge is to create a classic and refined kitchen that not only meets the needs of a culinary enthusiast but also serves as a warm and welcoming space for family gatherings. The interior designer unleashes her creativity to the fullest to deliver the perfect kitchen for the family.


The balance between functionality and style

Elegant golden tones stand out in this predominantly white kitchen – a heaven of storage and organisation. The numerous cupboards feature a sophisticated design that strikes in functionality and style.

A classic and refined kitchen.

The kitchen sink

In a well-planned layout, there is, as it could not be otherwise, the sink – the centrepiece of any kitchen, where we wash the dishes and prepare a range of foods, making it an extremely functional element for the daily kitchen routine.

The choice of the Box Line 65 sink and the Line MN 1001 NS single-lever mixer ensures superior functionality and durability while blending seamlessly into the overall kitchen’s style.

Box Line 65
100% stainless steel
One-and-a-half bowls
Straight, minimalistic design
Generous depth
Round valve

Line MN 1001 NS
100% stainless steel
360-degree swivel spout

A classic and refined kitchen.

A family room

The split between the kitchen and the family dining area has been done cleverly and elegantly through a peninsula.
Besides effectively resulting in this subtle division, this peninsula also adds a functional area for meal prep and dining while maintaining the openness and fluidity of the space.

A classic and refined kitchen.

A classic and refined kitchen

Every element in this kitchen, from the sink to the decorative details, profoundly influences the style and functionality of a room. Teresa Pietra Torres created a visually stunning kitchen and a functional space that encourages culinary creativity and family togetherness.

A classic and refined kitchen.

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