How does a basement with generous areas become the home of a young couple with a baby on its way? Nobody better than decorator Ana Antunes, on another episode of “Querido, mudei a casa!”, to answer this question.

from a basement to a home

In record time, there was a full transformation.

Open Space

An open and wide space turned into a studio with five separate areas, but without a single opaque wall.
The glass was the material chosen to divide spaces, specifically the bedrooms, because the living room and the kitchen harmoniously coexist as social areas, without any dividing element.

from a basement to a home

All eyes on the kitchen

Occupying a highlighted position in the space, the kitchen includes materials and equipment planned in detail, focusing on functionality and on modern and elegant aesthetics. Starting with the colors. Mostly white with strong black features, nothing in this kitchen was chosen randomly.

Everything is in sync. Besides the black cabinets, which provide depth to the kitchen, one can also find the black RODI sink and mixer tap. Yes, you read that correctly, black sink and mixer tap.

kitchen renovation

“This [the sink] is another important piece in this kitchen, which was specifically chosen. In acrylic and quartz composite, it is super-resistant and durable. It has a smooth touch, and contemporary lines, and it is elegant. Beautiful. It was coordinated with the rest, but it is a special piece. And with this special piece, I chose another special one, a black mixer tap. It’s perfect, exactly in the same hue as the sink. The same hue of the structures and the kitchen door”.

Ana Antunes

RODI kitchen sink composite 116 nero

Kitchen sink: Composite 116 Nero
Mixer tap: Line MN 807 B

RODI kitchen sink composite 116 nero

The sink as the “special piece”

The Composite 116 Nero sink is part of the RODI Composite range, which offers a set of sinks that stand out due to their 80% quartz material combined with high-quality acrylic.
These materials combined result in products resistant to high temperatures, cracks, scratches, and dirt, ensuring an exceptionally durable sink for your kitchen. The Composite range combines the possibility of color finishing with the durability of its materials in an elegant solution.

Not just because of its color, but also its functionality, the Line MN 807 B mixer tap is the ideal couple for the Composite 116 Nero sink. Its single lever, rotation swivel spout, and pull-out shower drive the functionality of this two-bowl sink to the next level.

RODI kitchen sink composite 116 nero

“Electrical appliances and kitchen equipment are now very modern.”

Ana Antunes

As such, in a bright and wide kitchen, in which the sink is a “special piece”, all elements coexist in a natural, and mostly functional, way.
Unconventional, with contemporary and innovative aesthetics, that’s where our eyes are drawn to when entering this space, once a basement.

querido mudei a casa

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