On this new episode of the Tv show “Querido Mudei a Casa”, the team was called in by Neuza Paulino and her family to remodel a kitchen with almost 40sqm that had an adjoining space with a lot of potential.

This remodeling project designed by Rita Glória created a contemporary space, with neutral colors, that united both areas in a single space, where the kitchen and the dining room were settled.

In order to meet the distinctive personal tastes of Neuza and her husband Pedro, the decorator opted for a modern style in which the use of grey colors is predominant. The use of some black and white details, together with elements with an industrial style gave the elegant and refined tone desired by the decorator.

To follow the contemporary style idealized  for the space, Rita selected a sink produced by RODI, with straight lines and with 0mm radius corners in which the built-in retractable tap stands out.

Sink: Invisible 50 R

“All the Windows on the kicthen open inwards, so I selected a RODI sink where the tap can be pulled down. This model is made of brushed stainless steel, with straight lines and without the normal rounded corners. The tap design is superb! The tap can be retracted and hidden in this area so we can open all the windows without any problem.”

Rita Glória

The detail of selecting a sink with a retractable tap was a crucial factor since all the Windows of the kitchen open inwards thus conditioning the use of a common faucet in front of the window. The Invisible 50 includes a straight-line tap adding design and functionality to the sink which turned out to be perfect for this kitchen.

Tap: BOX QS 3000

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