The environment is one of the pillars of RODI’s development. In our growth strategy, we value the preservation of our planet. Therefore, we follow a strict environmental policy, with the permanent objective of minimizing the impact of our production on the environment.


More sustainable products

In recent months, together with our partners, we have been investing in the search for solutions capable of making our products even more sustainable.

The stainless steel we use in the manufacturing of RODI sinks is made up of 70% recycled material!

In the packaging of our products, we also take this mission very seriously. The main packaging is a cardboard box, which includes between 50% and 100% recycled material. In addition, the sinks protections are produced in 100% recycled cardboard.

Thus, the products we sell contain 60% to 70% of recycled raw material, including the dishwasher, the valve and components, as well as the respective packaging.


More environmentally friendly factory

The installation of 1836 photovoltaic solar panels, in 2019, was an important step in our contribution to stopping climate change, allowing an annual reduction of 600 ton of CO2. With this investment, around 25% of the energy consumption of our manufacturing unit comes from renewable sources.

Furthermore, to reduce energy consumption and consequently our environmental footprint, we have replaced factory and office light bulbs with more efficient alternatives. We have installed skylights in the manufacturing areas to promote the entry of natural light and, consequently, reduce the use of artificial light.

For us sustainability is really important. And, therefore, industrial waste also deserves our focus. Together with our partners, we try to maximize their reuse, reducing their environmental impact. Currently, 96% of the waste resulting from our activity is sent to final destinations such as recovery, regeneration, recycling and energy production!

We invest in sustainable solutions… for a better future for everyone!