RODI’s administration decided to reward its employees for the company’s good performance and established the minimum wage already this year in 750€, anticipating the Portuguese government’s target for 2023. In 2019, the minimum wage at RODI was already established in 700€ and with this adjustment the company stands 115€ above what was established by the government for 2020.

Besides the basic compensation and the maximum food allowance permitted without taxation, the employees also receive health insurance and an annual award for productivity dependent on the company’s profits, as a reward for their contribute to the success of the organization.

According to Armando Levi, RODI’s CEO, “people are our most important active, the company’s growth is mainly due to their daily dedication. We want to continue to grow, and for that, we need a motivated team to do more and better every day. We highly value our people, and we believe that an attractive wage together with other benefits in force in the company as well as the promotion of several activities during the year, are crucial for the employees to feel happy in their workplace. Happy employees are more productive employees and more committed to the organization’s goals!”

RODI currently employs more than 250 people and has been growing steadily over the past decade. It has the status of a PME Leader/Excellence for 10 consecutive years and in 2020 will become a Larger Company since the ambition of our team has no limits.